Serving the people of Clay Cross

Land & Property

Clay Cross Parish Council owns various pieces of land and property in the parish:

  • Clay Cross Social Centre, Market Street
  • Clay Cross Cemetery
  • Kenning Park
  • Meadow Farm Fishing Pond
  • North St Allotments and Recreation Ground
  • Clay Lane Old Allotment Site
  • Valley Road Allotments
  • Bevan Road Play Area
  • Rock Crescent Play Area
  • Land at The Square, Danesmoor
  • Land at the corner of High Street and Clay Lane
  • Coupe Lane Corner (for a bench) and Coupe Lane Bus Shelter
  • Site for Danesmoor War Memorial

In addition the Parish Council leases or occupies under licence several other pieces of land in the parish:

  • Tranmere Avenue Allotments
  • The old Market Street Toilet Block Site

All other land, parks and open spaces in the parish are the responsibility of North East Derbyshire District Council, Derbyshire County Council or private landowners.

Last updated: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 09:43